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Comprehensive Content

We do not believe in overloading an aspirant. So, the content is prepared by referring numerous standard resources. It is then consolidated to give the best to the aspirant. We also get it verified by subject experts and revise it frequently.

upsc online learning

Learning Experience

The content is organised in a very systematic manner. Aspirant can read it with ease on desktop, laptop, tablet or on a smart phone if you are traveling. Various videos are embedded for you to watch and understand topics and concepts in an excellent way.

upsc online learning

All In One Place

Human brain likes things to be organized. When you have all your reading material in one place, it gives you the mobility to carry just your laptop to any place. Your reading does not get affected due to the lack of carrying books. All you need is a laptop and internet connection.

upsc question banks

Lots of Questions

Practice makes man perfect ! So, the objective question banks for prelims and mains/essay type answer writing enables you to prepare the best for the exam. You can go through these questions again and again improving every time and reaching perfection.

upsc discussion online

Peer Discussion

Discussion forum at the end of every ‘sub-topic’ and ‘sub-question bank’ allows you to involve yourself in meaningful discussion with your fellow aspirants. Our experts will also mediate if required to clear your doubts on that particular sub-topic.

lifetime validity upsc

Lifetime Validity

Once you enroll yourself for JeetoBharat membership, you will have access to your account until you clear the exam or you lose your eligibility to write the exam. You do not have to pay every year but must submit your hall ticket as a proof that you are attempting the examination every year.

upsc online learning

Optional Resources

These are videos, audio and links of ‘very’ standard resources to help you understand a concept better. We take utmost care in selecting these resources and providing you their links. We may also conduct webinars on certain topics.

upsc answer writing evaluation


We have the facility to easily upload your ‘handwritten’ or ‘typed’ answers for our evaluation. You will receive detailed feedback on your answers. This feature is applicable to certain courses only like Essay and GS Mains Answer Writing.

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Value For Money

Standard reference books, classes, accommodation, food, etc add up to Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 4 lakhs. We have made an honest attempt to bring you ‘world-class’ material according to the syllabus that is optimal for your preparation at a very nominal fee.