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“Be the change you wish to see in this world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2017

Predicted Cutoff – 120 to 130

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Why JeetoBharat ?

JeetoBharat provides you consolidated content to suit the requirements of the UPSC Civil Services Examination according to the syllabus and question paper trends. You have limited time. So, it is humanely impossible to read hundreds of books to clear the examination. You do not have to be an expert in these topics but you need to get on that rank list. UPSC will not reward you for choosing a particular optional or for reading hundreds of books.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this examination. The good news is that you can clear it with ease if you dedicate time to study and have determination and discipline. If you have the potential to dream for IAS, you do not need to be spoon-fed. All you need is properly researched content according to the trends in civil services examination. You must also be able to easily practice and read all material again and again. You must be able to read from anywhere. The reading material must all be at one place. This is what JeetoBharat provides. We are just empowering you to be a winning candidate at the most affordable fee (not running into lakhs). Peer discussion at the end of every topic allows you to discuss things pertinent from the exam point of view with your fellow aspirants and experts.

People experienced and involved in this examination have prepared this content with utmost care. So, get a hint 🙂 because strategy plays a very important role in clearing UPSC Civil Services Examination.But, we do not claim perfection and the content is revised frequently. We get regular insights from people involved in this examination process because you cannot win the game without knowing the rules of the game.

– How are the questions for Prelims exam set ?

– What is UPSC looking for in the Mains Answers ?

– How does UPSC evaluate your answer scripts ?

– Are the answer scripts evaluated more than once if      you cross a particular upper limit of marks ?

– Is there an advantage in writing all exams in your native language ?

– Who are the members interviewing you in UPSC personality test ?

– Do your marks depend on which centre you choose ?

We have answers for these questions from our research, experience and network.

The Opportunity

The permanent executive, that is the officers in our country wield a lot of power. This power can change the lives of millions of citizens. Practically, they are their own boss (though there are politicians who are birds of passage). The officers can use this power to make wealth for themselves, to help the poor, to develop our country. Usually, it is a mix of the above. 

There are many examples of officers using their power and creativity to do things that has had a great impact on our country. At the end of the day, it is the satisfaction that you derive from such full time service to people and the country which makes civil services, particularly IAS the most coveted job in our country.

This satisfaction cannot be derived even if you are the CEO of a billion dollar company. So, what are you waiting for. Give it a try. There is nothing to lose.

Our Mission

JeetoBharat is aimed at creating leaders for India who rise above mediocrity to bring the best for our country. At the same time, we at JeetoBharat want to demystify some ‘high-profile’ examinations, particularly the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

JeetoBharat aims at increasing the quality and quantity of people attempting Civil Services Examination. Many of them do not attempt this exam because of the hype that surrounds this exam. Many others do not attempt because they consider spending two to three years for preparation, a waste of time and a great risk for their career.

This is an honest attempt to allow aspirants to learn while they earn or study and make it to the civil services.


# Many consider spending 2 to 3 years a risk to their career because civil services is not an assured job.


# Spending 4 to 5 lakh rupees on books, coaching, food, accommodation, test series, hobby class, handwriting improvement, crash current affairs, etc is either risky or unaffordable.


# Which books do I read ? There are hundreds of them !



# Overcrowded classes with more than 500 students. Instructor just uses microphone. It is a one-way talk not even close to discussion.


#Piece-meal approach: You are required to take many classes from many different places ending up paying everywhere. There is a lot of confusion too and every year, those who are unsuccessful in their exams start their own classes because they have no other career option left.


# Yearly expense: In case of failed attempts, you end up paying every year for your preparation

How we are trying to solve them ?

# Even we believe that spending years together full time behind this civil services dream is not worth it and hence this platform to prepare while you are involved in work, study or both.

# We are trying to provide the best resources at very affordable price (around Rs 20,000/) which is very nominal. There is no free lunch in this world. Many on the internet claim that they are providing free resources but are doing a half-baked job. They do have their own sources of revenue from internet ads. Some are doing a great job but as we said, it is not ‘wholesome’.

#Many end up moving away from their homes, ending up in some sub standard accommodation at exorbitant prices. They then spend 6 months just to understand which books to read. Time is a luxury which you cannot waste in 21st century world.

#We believe that you do not need an academic set up to prepare for this examination. You are already an undergraduate and have the capability to understand. What you need is proper guidance on what is to be read and also what not to be read. We encourage you to ask questions and get answers from peers and experts.

#Wholesome approach: JeetoBharat membership provides material for all topics (excluding optional subject as of now) including question banks,most probable questions, webinars, answer writing assessment, essay assessment and many other services required for you to confidently attempt and clear the examination

#Life-time membership: By life-time, we mean that your membership is valid until you become ineligible or clear the examination. We do have a condition that you must submit your hall tickets every year to prove that you are writing the exam. You do not have to pay every year and still get the current updates and revised content.


  • The animations and graphics helped me to understand the concepts and events effectively in a lesser amount of time. I am grateful to JeetoBharat for bringing such a affordable and cost-effective method to prepare for civil services examination. I wish them the best in their endeavour.

    Saurabh Kumar, Roll number: 029387   Cleared UPSC Civil Services Prelims

  • The content provided by JeetoBharat is crisp and ‘to the point’. This is what is required for the UPSC civil services examination. You need not be an expert but you need to know something correctly about everything. Kudos JeetoBharat !

    Tuljappa Ladwa, Roll Number: 000429, Cleared UPSC Civil Services Prelims 

  • The simple and yet comprehensive content at JeetoBharat was very helpful for me to prepare and revise for Civil Services Exam. The lucid text and the effective animations and graphics were an added advantage for understanding the concepts in a simple manner.

    Chidanandswamy, Roll Number: 91991, Cleared UPSC Civil Services Prelims 

  • Jeetobharat is a promising destination for the aspirants of Civil Services Exam. It will definitely emerge as a one stop destination for the aspirants who want to access coaching assistance from the comforts of their home. I wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

     Shivanand Kalakeri, IRS. Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax

  • JeetoBharat is a novel and an excellent platform for preparation of civil services. It has tried to bridge the deficit existing currently due to concentration of coaching institutions in a few cities of the country. I wish the whole team all the very best for the future and expect that it will keep delivering quality material, necessary for civil services exam.

    Ashish, Roll Number: 109414, Cleared UPSC Civil Services Prelims 

  • this is note of appreciation to you and your team… i enrolled in polity course and few other question bank courses… 
    u know i could have brought a lakshmikant book and followed the conventional way …however i thought of choosing u ….
    well the content between lakshmikant and jeeto’s polity doesn’t vary much ..but u make things interesting…
    i mean it’s humanely impossible to read something which doesn’t fascinate u …. the most interesting part of  ur initiative is giving response to queries…it saved a lot of time 
    2017 Aspirant